Webbing Repairs

Webbing repairs is a repair to a part of the interior of a sofa. Webbing repairs is a very common repair within sofas. The webbing has a highly important job. This is to hold the cushions up and ensuring the comfortability of the seats on the sofa. If the webbing should break when the person sits on the sofa, it pushes the sofa cushions down. It breaks through the webbing causing the sofa to lose all comfort when sitting on it. A sofa with no comfort to sit on is a sofa with no appeal at all.

Webbing can either be stretched or snapped. This causes the person to put more pressure onto the back cushions of the sofa. As a result this wears away at the padding inside the back cushions. This causing your sofas back cushions to flatten and lose comfort. Your sofa is then in need of a webbing repair.

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