Spring Repairs (Sprung Edge)

A sprung edge spring is a one with a Y at the front which when used in a sofa gives it more bounce. Even though it’s a different form of spring the process in which it is replaced is exactly the same as the process used to repair a serpentine spring.

Our technician starts by flipping the sofa over to gain access to the underneath. They first remove the feet, then use a braddle to pull up all of the staples from the dust cover and then use pliers to take them out. After the staples are removed the technician was able to pull back the dust cover.

This gives the technician a full view of the sprung edge springs. Using a hammer and a screwdriver the technician then removes the spring from the sofa. Once the old spring has been removed the technician now supplies a new one. This has been cut to size using a grinder. The technician fits it to the frame of the sofa. Once this has been completed the technician double checks over all other springs to ensure they aren’t broken. Lastly they staple the dust cover back to the frame of the sofa. Next they re-attach the feet using a drill and flip the sofa back over so that it is upright.

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