Sofa Seat Re-padding

On-Site Sofa Seat Re-padding Services:

This sofa seat was, unfortunately, sinking in the middle of it and needed re-padding. Our Leather Repairs technician arrived at the customer’s home and re-padded the sofa for them. Our technician began the best Sofa Seat Re-padding services by flipping the sofa over. Next, the technician removes the feet of the sofa and uses a bridle to remove all of the staples from the bottom of the sofa. Then the technician pulls back the dust cover to see the inside of the sofa. Having done this the technician uses giant scissors to cut the padding. However, the technician provides the padding. They then use the padding to re-pad the sofa especially the area in which the sofa dips.

Cleaning With Our Experts:

The technician then uses a staple gun to initiate a leather sofa cleaning service to re-attach the dust cover to the frame of the sofa. Next, they re-attach the feet to the sofa. Now they turn the sofa back upright and the re-padding is completed.

We advise that all leather is cleaned and protected every six months. This allows the leather to stay clean and fresh. The protection cream gives that extra barrier between the wear and tear and the sofa. This reduces the chances of the sofa getting damaged or losing its colour.

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