Sheep Skin Jacket Tear Repair

This sheep skin jacket had a tear in it in which the customer requested we repaired. All of our jacket repairs are sent to us via postal service. We use My Hermes courier collection service to pick up your parcel. They then bring the parcel to us at our workshop where we repair it.

Glueing The Tear

In order to repair this tear our technician uses some scissors to cut back some of the fur on the under side of the sheep skin jacket. Next the technician uses a piece of dust cover to place under the tear. Again this is on the under side of the jacket. A pin is used to hold this in place. The technician then applies leather glue to the tear to glue the torn parts of the jacket to the cloth underneath it.


Applying Filler And Colour

Once enough layers of filler have been applied the technician users the air brush. They apply colour to the jacket to blend the filler. Now this is done the technician applies a lacquer coat to the jacket. This seals the repair.

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