Services Offered

Services Offered

Mobile Leather Repairs Services Offered range from leather repairs, to full leather restoration services and everything in between, we are the one stop shop when it comes to your furniture or car seats.

We offer our services direct to the public along with trade customers. Our technicians will undertake all repairs and restoration to manufactures specification and guidelines using repair products from around the world. However you can be assure we only use the best Leather Repair Products available to us.

We guarantee there is no one else within the UK offering our services that are set up and as advanced as we are. We carry every available repair and restoration product on the market in our service vans.

Our technicians do not ever aim for the works to be undertaken over two visits we always aim to complete on the first visit.

Our service vans can mix to any leather colour. This is any colour available on the market. Once we arrive at your home we are able to mix the colour there and then on site. Unlike a lot of other companies who come to your home and collect samples for someone else to mix the colours on there behalf. We are the leather repair specialists and undertake all this there and then on site.

We understand time is very important and that the works need to be undertaken quickly. Similarly they must be undertaken promptly. Sometimes in a time sensitive manor. You can be sure we are the leather repair


Leather Repairs

Rips, Tears, Burns, Colour Loss, Colour Change, Replacement Panels.

Leather Cleaning

Maintenance Cleans, Deep Cleaning, Stain Removal, Leather Protection.

Furniture Repairs

Frame Repairs, Stitching Repairs, Spring Repairs, Webbing Repairs, Cushion Replacement, Cushion Re padding, Zip Repairs, Recliner Repairs, Panel Replacement, Full Re-upholstery.

Leather Restoration

Modern Car Restoration, Classic Car Restoration, Steering Wheel Restoration.

Panel Replacements

Now we also offer leather panel replacements where our technicians come and collect damaged panels from your home. Initially the technician takes a before picture of the damaged leather. Then they take them to the workshop to undertake the panel replacement process. Next they arrange with the customer a new date in which to return the panels to them. Payment is not required until the panels are returned. Lastly the technician takes after pictures of the leather with the new panels.

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