Red To Black Car Interior Colour Change

This camero initially had bright red car seats and we undertook a colour change and turned them black.

The process began by cleaning the red leather car seats. This is done using leather cleaner and a lint free cloth. Next the technician preps the chairs. This is done using leather prep and a lint free cloth. After the technician has prepped the areas they then proceed to sand them down. This is done using 320 grit sandpaper.

Again the chairs are prepped. Once this is completed the technician sands them down. Then they are prepped once more. Similarly this is done using leather prep and a lint free cloth. This removes the red colour on the chairs. Next the technician applies a base coat of colour onto the seats. This is done using black leather dye and a lint free cloth. It is done applying the dye in circular motions.

Now that the base coat has been applied the technician begins to use the air compressor to apply the colour by spraying. Firstly the technician sprays in the seams of the chairs. All of the areas that are difficult to get to. Secondly the technician sprays the rest of the areas. As each layer is applied it is carefully dried using a hair dryer. Once enough layers of colour have been applied the technician moves on. Finally a coat of lacquer is applied. This seals the restoration and protects it.

On going maintenance

We advise that all leather is cleaned and protected every six months this allows the leather to stay clean and fresh and the protection cream gives that extra barrier between the wear and tear and the sofa.  

Cleaning kits are always recommended after every repair to help enable you to maintain your leather from future damage, please feel free to ask our technician any questions where they will be happy to give you any help and guidance that you require.

Yearly maintenance plan

We offer a yearly maintenance plan for all customers that have had our full restoration service this is where you get a reduced fixed price for us to visit every year to undertake a full clean and minor repairs for the price of our standard clean package.  If you would like to take advantage of this package please speak to technician while on site and he can get you added to the plan and get your next appointment booked in.

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