ME2 is one of the many different postcodes of which our technicians cover. Leather Repairs is a mobile service. We undertake all of our repairs in your home. This is convenient especially for those with disabilities or for the elderly etc. We attempt to be as accommodating as possible offering a selection of dates for our customers. Similarly we are aware of people being parents and try to accommodate school runs etc.

We do charge a call out fee for our technicians to come and have a look at your leather in your homes before starting any work on it. However we do encourage all of our customers to provide us with pictures. With these pictures we look at your leather be it a sofa or a car seat etc, our technicians can have a look and advise accordingly. Once a customer provides their ME2 postcode then our technicians are able to get a variety of dates together for the customer to choose from.

We offer a wide variety of services. We offer these services on both leather sofas and leather car seats. To look at some of our other work you can find pictures on our Gallery page as well as on our InstagramTwitter and Facebook pages where we also include both brief and detailed descriptions of the work we undertake. We aim to keep our customers well informed. Our team update our website and social media pages often including new pictures and posts with a variety of brief and detailed explanations of the work we carry out. We encourage our customers to message us on our range of platforms. On facebook, instagram, whatsapp and text message. Please send us pictures of your leather for a free quote or some expert advice on how to maintain your leather.

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