Leather Jacket Colour Restoration

These are the before pictures of a leather jacket suffering from colour loss. All of our jacket leather repairs are completed in our workshop. We use My Hermes courier collection service to collect parcels. These are then brought to us where we complete the service in our workshop.

We began this leather jacket repair by cleaning it using a lint free cloth and leather cleaner. After this we used another lint free cloth and leather prep to prep the jacket. The technician then uses leather dye and an air compressor to spray the jacket. Several layers of colour will be applied to the jacket.

Once this has been done the technician uses cotton buds to clean off the overspray from the zip and any buttons on the jacket.

Lastly the technician applies a coat of lacquer. This seals the colour restoration. All products used are water based except the final cost of lacquer this is why it is important not to use the jacket straight away once the restoration has been completed.

Now that the jacket is finished the technician sends the customer some pictures. Once they confirm they are happy with the repair they make payment. Finally we arrange for My Hermes courier collection to come and pick up the jacket from us. They then deliver it back to the customer. The customer is given full access to tracking to watch where their jacket is.

After Completion

We advise that all leather is cleaned and protected every six months. This allows the leather to stay clean and fresh. The protection cream gives that extra barrier between the wear and tear and the jacket.

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