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Leather cleaning Maidstone can give you plenty of understanding into the types of leather and why it is important to keep it clean.

Why it is important to keep your leather clean?

Leather is a natural material and needs regular maintenance to keep the leather soft and supple, maintaining your leather on a regular basis had many benefits such as:

  • Stops ground in dirt
  • Reduces friction from clothing
  • Keeps the leather supple
  • Prevents colour loss and damage 

After cleaning your leather you should apply a nice coat of leather protection cream which protects your leather from uv rays.

Leather Cleaning Maidstone can undertake regular maintenance cleans which are booked for every 6/12 months this allows you to make sure your leather is always in tip top condition and fault free, depending on how busy your household is, how dirty your leather is, a easy way to gauge the level is by how often you dust down your tv, the same level of dirt will be on your leather furniture.

We also offer a full leather deep clean, with this process we use a two stage cleaning system allowing us to reach deep down in to the gain, this allows us to remove all the dirt and debris from the grain of your leather allowing the leather to breath.

We also offer a leather Protection service in Maidstone. This is a leather cream which is applied to the leather helping keep your leather soft and supple. The protection cream allows all the dirt and debris to sit on top of the cream. Furthermore making your future cleaning process as simple as possible.

Our leather service technicians have been trained by some of the worlds best leather trainers and training company’s. We can offer repairs from simple scratches and colour loss right through to replacement Leather Panels.

This is no problem for our team unlike our competitors we colour mix on site. In other words we come to your home and complete the colour restoration on the first visit.

We are specialists in our field and can restore any damage to your two tone leather.

There are lots of leather repair companies that will not undertake repairs or colour restoration to aniline leather. However we are Aniline Leather Repairs specialists.


Please take a look at our leather Repairs and Restoration page for further information. Would you like to see some before and after pictures? Take a browse through our gallery page. Or take a look at our Facebook page.

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