Leather Cleaning Gravesend

Clients Gravesend Cleaning:

Leather Cleaning Gravesend cleans and restores leather sofas and car seats. This off white leather sofa was covered in scratches from the customer’s dog. Also, the pores of the sofa were filled with dirt and grime. The customer had previously tried to repair one area of scratches using brown leather dye also.

Colour Restoration:

The sofa was cleaned using leather cleaner and a scrubbing brush. This was a deep clean to bring all the dirt and grime out of the pores of the sofa. The dirt is the wiped away using a lint free cloth

This brings up all the areas of body perspiration on the sofa. They are highlighted as on a white sofa they show up pink.

The technician then proceeds to prep the sofa using leather prep and a lint free cloth. This removes the manufacturer’s coating on the sofa and removes any debris. Next the technician proceeds to mix the colour of the sofa using white, and yellow oxide. The technician then uses the colour on a lint free cloth to rub a base coat onto the sofa.

After Completion

After this the technician uses leather filler to fill the areas that are cracked. Now the technician uses the air compressor to spray the sofa in any areas requiring more colour. Once the sofa is completely restored the technician moves on. Lastly the technician applies a coat of lacquer. This is a protective seal on the restoration.

After the restoration of leather Gravesend has been completed the area needs to be left for at least 1 hour until it is dry enough to touch if the customer wishes to have a closer look at the work. However we do not recommend it if you can help it. The area should then not be used for approximately 72 hours depending on how much colour and filler is applied during the repair and on how much damage there was to repair.

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