Leather Cleaning Chatham

Leather Cleaning Chatham

Here at Leather Cleaning Chatham we provide a leather cleaning service. This service covers the Chatham area. Our team are a mobile leather repairs team. We clean a range of different types of leather for example: aniline leather, bonded leather etc. Cleaning leather depending on the kind of leather can either be done with a lint free cloth or with a scrubbing brush and a lint free cloth is then used to wipe away all the dirt and grime.

Contact our Leather Cleaning Chatham team today for a free quote on the cost to get your leather cleaned. We accept messages on all of our platforms. This includes facebook, instagram, whatsapp and tesxt message. We will work alongside you to help find a date that is suitable on both parts. We attempt to accommodate for school runs etc.

Our cleaning services are for both leather sofas and leather car seats. We do recommend that after having your leather cleaned you have a colour restoration which will then spruce up your leather. This re-colours all areas of the leather in which may have some slight colour loss or wear and tear. Our full clean and colour restoration package also includes minor damage repairs such as cracking or small tears. The package price however is dependent on the number of seats in which you require cleaning.

Please check out our Gallery page for more pictures of the work our team carries out. Also check out our Instagram pageTwitter page and Facebook page for more pictures. Along with brief descriptions of the work we carried out. We aim to keep our customers best informed with regular updates of the work we are carrying out. We post updates of the processes in which we use to carry out our services as well as new pictures taken on the jobs.

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