Cushion Re-padding

Best Cushion Re-Padding Service In UK:

When heavily used, your cushion is at risk. This then means that they lose comfort when you sit on them. In order to restore the comfort in the cushions you need to be re-padding service in the UK.

Easy Steps To Re-Padding Cushion:

Our technicians arrive at your home upon your first visit. The technician begins by turning the sofa over to gain access to the underneath of it. They remove the feet of the sofa. Next, they progress to removing the dust cover by pulling out all the staples. This is done using a bridle and pliers. In order to get to the cushions the technician must take the sofa apart. This is done by removing the bolts.

Now the technician has access to the inside of the sofa he begins to fill the sofa cushion with dacron fibre. This fully restores the comfort in your sofa leaving it as good as new for usage. Once the cushions are filled with the dacron fibre the technician puts the sofa back together. Next, the technician initiates a leather cleaning service by re-attaching the dust cover to the bottom of the sofa using a staple gun. Finally, the technician flips the sofa back over leaving it looking as good as new for the customer.

The re-padded cushion seats make all the difference to customers. When your sofa cushions go from flat and uncomfortable to being fully re-padded the comfort levels rise tremendously. If you are worried that your sofa is losing its comfort then the best thing would be to have your cushions re-padded. Our customers have said that they have been so surprised with the difference it makes going from before to after. Leather Repairs cushion re-padding is highly recommended by both us and our customers.


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