Button Cushion Diamond Repairs

In order to get the button back onto the cushion we began setting up equipment. Our technician started with a needle, twine, buttons and diamonds. First we put the string through the button making sure the twine is level. Then tie in a knot. 

Once this has been done, they put both ends of the twine through the hole of the needle. Next they push that through the cover to come out other side.

Lastly they put only one side of the twine through the diamond. They push their finger in the diamond to the cover. Now they pull tight the side that has not gone through the diamond. Finally they wrap round the diamond twice then tie a knot. This is all hidden under it.

Now all of the cushions on the sofa have their diamonds re-attached to them. If your sofa is suffering from its diamonds and buttons coming off don’t panic. Contact leather repairs Kent today for a free quote to get your sofa cushions repaired. Ring us now on 07889596411 or email us at leatherrepairsmobile@gmail.com and send pictures.

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