Bmw Car Leather Repair

BMW Leather Repair, Here we have a 3 series BMW passenger seat which has started to show its age. The seat has a build up of dirt which is sitting deep in to the pours of the leather which is causing the leather not to breath correctly. There were also two areas of colour loss where the colour has been removed in its former life.

Pre Clean

We got to work and started by to pre clean the leather using our antibacterial leather cleaner and a tampico brush. Firstly we apply our leather cleaner and then use the tampico brush to help break down the dirt and grime working deep in to the gain.

Full Clean

Once the leather has been pre cleaned we then re clean the seats using a product called leather prep. This is a solvent cleaner which does one of two things. First it removes any stubborn stains and dye transfer which is on the leather. Secondly this product removes the manufacture’s top coat which is the protective coat applied to the leather after the leather dye.

Base Coat

We now apply a fresh coat of matching leather dye by hand using a lint free cloth. The leather dye is applied in a circler motion getting the leather dye to every area of the leather reaching deep in to the grain. This allows for a far greater bond between the leather and the leather dye,

Now we have a good base coat we apply our final finish of leather dye by using a mini airbrush. This allows us to apply very small and even coats giving us the factory finish. This is built up in thin layers drying each layer between coats.

The Finish

To seal in all repairs and to restore the manufacturer’s top coat we apply a generous coat of Leather Finish. This is to seal in the repairs and to give the repairs a hard finish for the future use of the seat.

We are able to undertake these repairs at your home or place of work. We are fully mobile and ready to undertake your leather repair needs. For a free quote today, please give us a call on 07889 596411 or use our contact form. We do have more before and after pictures located on our Facebook page.

For Further examples of our work we will be uploading pictures to our gallery page.

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