Blue To Black Leather Jacket Colour Change

One of our customers sent us their leather jacket in which in was initially blue. They wanted it changed to black. We organised for the jacket to be sent to us using My Hermes courier collection service. Once the jacket arrived at our workshop the technician got to work.

Clean And Prep

Firstly the technician laid the jacket out and began to clean it. The technician did this using leather cleaner and a lint free cloth. This is to remove any dirt from the jacket. Next the technician begins to prep it. This is done using leather prep and another lint free cloth. This was repeated several times. The application of the prep repeatedly slowly removes the blue colouring of the jacket.
Once the blue is faded the technician begins the application process of the black leather dye.


The technician uses the air brush to spray the jacket black. They start with the edges of the panel ensuring that their are no blue spots left in the seams. Once this has been done they then fill the middle of the panel with dye also.

The technician continues to apply leather dye using the airbrush. This is done panel to panel until the jacket is now black.

Once the dye has been applied to the jacket more layers are applied in thin evenly spread layers. The technician then applies leather duller in the last layer of dye.


Now the jacket looks matte black. The technician then applies the final layer onto the jacket, this is of the lacquer which is used to seal the colour change. After the jacket colour change has been completed it needs to be left for at least 1 hour until it is dry enough to touch. The jacket should then not be used for approximately 48 hours. This is just enough time as the jacket will be being sent back during this time. We use My Hermes courier collection service to send the jacket back to the customer.


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