Arm Chair Seat Re-Padding

Here is how we complete arm chair seat re-padding. Our customer felt as though the seat had lost its comfort. In addition when she sat in the seat she described a “sinking” into it. In order to rectify the problem we re-padded the seat for her.

This is done from the under side of the sofa. We flip the sofa from the back over onto its front. The underneath of the sofa has a cover on it. This is called a dust cover. It is held on by staples. The technician uses a braddle and pliers to remove the staples. Also they may use a drill to remove any feet on the underside of the sofa. Once the cover has been removed the underside of the sofa looks like this.

The underside of the sofa

Here you can see the webbing which is holding the cushion in place. And the green foam which is the cushion your sitting on. Firstly the technician must pull the webbing away from the cushion. This is because over time as the sofa is sat on the cushion can become stuck to the webbing. Once this is done they will cut the padding provided by us to size.

Typically a large piece is cut first to cover the whole size of the cushion. This is cut using a large pair of scissors. After this the technician will cut smaller pieces of foam. If the sofa sinks directly in the middle of the seat then the foam will be placed here in order to boost it from the bottom. However if the seat sinks to a particular side when sat on the foam will be placed here. The customer is usually asked where the seat sinks in order for the technician to re-pad the correct area. Although it is typically something that the technician can feel from the underside.

Now that the padding has been applied to where it is needed a small piece of padding is cut and placed in the centre of the cushion. Our padding is 1 inch thick. All of this is entered to the area between the cushion that is initially there and the webbing. Next the technician will flip the sofa back over and test the seat to make sure it doesn’t sink anymore. Usually the customer is asked to come and test the seat to ensure they are happy with how firm it is. The customer can request that more is added or that some is taken out. This can then be completed for them to check again.

Tidying up

Once all of the padding is done and the customer is happy the technician will re-apply the dust cover. This is done by lining up the cover with the frame of the sofa and using a staple gun to fix it. Then the feet will be re-attached using a drill. Finally the sofa can be flipped back over and the arm chair seat re-padding is complete.

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