Mobile Leather Repair and Restoration
Mobile leather repair repairs and restores of leather, vinyl, plastic, and fabric. Our experts can reinstate your dented items to make them look like new again.
Mobile Leather Repairs
We are a Mobile leather repair company restoring damaged Mobile Leather. We bring life back to your damaged or aged Mobile leather!!

Mobile Leather Repairs

Car Leather Repairs

Mobile Leather Repairs offers on site Car Leather Repairs. Our fully equipped service vans will come to your home or place of work to undertake your car leather repairs or leather cleaning service.

Leather Restoration

Mobile on site Leather Restoration service, we can offer a full clean and colour restore service in the comfort of your own home.

Leather Cleaning

Is your Leather Sofa or Car Seats Looking Grubby ?, Leather Mobile Leather Repairs clean these for you, Contact us today for a free no obligation quotation on how we can help clean your leather.

Car Bolster Repairs in UK

The process of repairing damage to a car bolster when the leather is damaged is always the same.

First the technician uses a lint free cloth and leather cleaner to clean the damaged area to ensure there is no dirt embedded in the repair. After the area has been cleaned the technician preps it using leather prep and another lint free cloth to remove the manufacturers coating and any pesticides on the leather.

Require assistance to restore Mobile leather?

We’re here to restore Mobile leather and provide the original look back 

Questions & Answers

Yes, we provide you with the best leather handbag cleaning service and it will look like a new one.

Definitely yes, we will start with the deep cleaning and then apply matching colour on to it, and at the end finish applying a coat of pigmentation to keep the stains, spots, blemishes and discoloration away from the jacket.

Our skilled leather care experts can do anything related to leather repair, cleaning, color restoration. We can replace the lining in any quality which is durable, high quality and at an affordable price.

Yes we can. We can repair or stitch up a minor tear, cut, or scuff. For major cuts and tears we can offer excellent leather patchwork.

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Leather Repairs

Mobile Leather Repairs offer a on site Leather Repairs and restoration service. Services throughout Kent, London, Sussex, Surrey and Essex. We have over 20 years experience within the trade.  There is not a leather colour that we cannot match there is not a repair we can not undertake.

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